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We are a small team of enthusiastic people who are passionate entrepreneurs. 

Dr. Radhika Thekkath, CEO, provides the technology vision that drives AgiVox.

Radhika Thekkath photo Dr. Thekkath obtained her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Washington. She spent two years at Stanford working as a Research Associate. After a stint at Equator Technologies, a multi-media processor start-up, she went on to become Director of Architecture at MIPS Technologies, Inc., where she was in charge of architectural and software products, and strategic planning. She hired the world-class architecture team at MIPS. She also spent some time as Director of Strategy and Business Development, coordinating strategy across MIPS’s two business units as well as M&A activity. Dr. Thekkath has considerable experience in management, especially managing a team of star technical players, motivating them, and delivering a high-quality product. She holds 39 U.S. patents. LinkedIn badge

Kathy Faust, provides marketing vision and engineering oversight.

Ms. Faust is an experienced technical executive, manager and engineer who has an MS in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Washington, and BA with dual concentrations in Computer Science and Geology from Colgate University. Most recently, she was a Senior Program Director, Engineering Director and Marketing Director at Pixelworks, following the acquisition of Equator Technologies, Inc. where she was the V.P. of Marketing, Director of Software Engineering, 3rd Party Program Manager, Architecture Team leader and individual contributor. Prior to her years at a startup, Kathy worked in networked systems management and distributed software applications at Digital Equipment Corporation, where she also participated in international standards bodies as a company representative.LinkedIn badge


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